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All posted items are still available! =)
Lots for sale!
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Writer's Block: Pleasure Your Mate Month

September is Pleasure Your Mate Month. Tell us: how do you like to pleasure your mate?
Well, first off I do NOT wait for the month of September. I take advantage of pleasuring him when ever we're both in the mood (which is 99% of the time). Also, a few ways I like to get freaky are road head, chewin on his ear (he likes that =D ) and makin sexy noises. These always get him more in the mood and awesome sex follows. =)
Sometime soon I'm gonna tie him up and beat the crap outta him...then hope he returns the favor.

Just to better the mental image.... =)  heehee <3 him.
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Sooo, I downloaded Oregon Trail and played for the first time in YEARS. I did make it to Oregon, and I also made the top 10 (something I was never able to do in elementary school! Yay Loki!) But I was running low on name ideas soooo, I named the son "Lil Penis"
Well....I can't....lmao....Just, see my screen shot.

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So I decided I would download Chrome.
For those of you out of the loop or if you just don't give a shit, Chrome is Google's new web browser.
Download and installment were fast and I didn't have to restart (wooo!) however, I am not as satisfied as I had expected to be.
I guess I could list some of my personal likes and dislikes on this browser.


First off, I'm going to mention my favorite part of Chrome. It offers a full screen feel.
While other web browsers have a fairly large tool bar at the top of the screen, Chrome is basic and to the point.
This lets you view more of a web page in a single screen shot. Also, Chrome eliminated the status bar at the bottom of the screen and has substituted a small, transparent pop up notification that lets you know if the page is working.

Secondly, I like the time out option. When a web page times out, Chrome allows you to "Kill" the page. No joke.(see screen shot)

Third, Chrome offers a task manager in the browser. This shows only pages and programs that are running though the browser, making them easier to end.


The first thing I noticed about this program that made me hurt on the inside was the java script application for programmers.
Great idea, but it's not user friendly. I know, I know, when is Java ever user friendly...but upon trying to program my own colors to the window, it deleted my own java script and replaced it with default. So, maybe Chrome doesn't support simple things like changing the window color from blue to pink, but if they took the time to write in things that most users will never even find the need to utilize, why not simple java codes as well?

Secondly, this browser uses too much of it's speed being awesome. It runs about the same speed as Internet Explorer, and resembles it in other likenesses as well.

Finally I would like to mention that occasionally one or two of my tabs were
executed without my doing so. I'm not sure if this is an error somewhere or if it decides to close tabs that I haven't visited in awhile because they have become inactive.

Screen shot

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Haha...this is totally my first post since I've been back to LJ.
And I still have nothing to say really. =\
Anywho, things are still the same as always, me searching for a job, planning on going to school. The norm.
I am still just as awesome as before, so no worries. =D

My cat is pretty awesome too.

I guess for those of you who need the update (because your internet wont load myspace, heehee) Levi decided to ask me out.
And, as planned, I said yes. =)
Actually I made out with him for about 10 mins, but I think he got the idea.

Also, I was trying to remember something but it TOTALLY left my mind. Might have been important, dammit!

Anywho, miss Levi, wanna see Anna, should start uploading art/ stupid stories or something constructive like that.

I think I'll go to art works today....if my car has the gas. Maybe I'll bum some money and take the bus.
It's nice out.
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